Our Vision

A human and technical approach that detects and prevents hybrid and complex cyberattacks.



BreacHunt relies on both its own network of experts and a community of data hunters to deliver the best results.

We recruit our data hunters through referrals and are approved based on a combination of their set of skills, their sense of ethics and their administrative situation. This guarantees confidentiality and discretion for our clients.

We internally develop and manage our own research and analysis programs in order to optimize the work of our data hunters and the quality of our results.


… to help detect and prevent hybrid and complex informational attacks.

BreacHunt proactively detects the levers that can be used to attack the interests of its clients (cyberattacks, reputational damage, fraud, etc.).

This in-depth knowledge makes it possible to react appropriately to risks and threats, from information leakage to exposure to cyberattacks or even attempts to destabilize a competitor.

Some organizations, such as very small businesses and SMB, local authorities and public institutions, especially in the health sector, face specific risks such as ransomware or script-kiddies that regularly use the same techniques, tools and methods (TTPs). We also offer them practical and concrete solutions at a lower cost.


Respond to hybrid threats with hybrid solutions.

How to deal with threats?

BreacHunt offers a unique methodological approach based on innovative solutions combining human and technical expertise to answer your issues in an adapted way.


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