Detect vulnerabilites. Prevent informational threats.


BreacHunt is a French company founded by two cybersecurity professionals.

We address economic, business, legal, savoir-faire and reputational issues related to the malicious use of data. Thanks to our rigorously selected experts, we prevent information attacks by detecting vulnerabilities. Breachunt is a completely independent company.

BreacHunt Method

BreacHunt responds to the challenges faced by organizations in an economic context marked by increased competition.
BreacHunt optimizes and clarifies decision-making in the face of risks generated by multiform, structured and professionalized threats using information and its technical levers as a weapon.
Our solutions merge operational savoir-faire, technical innovation and crowdsourcing to build a 360 degree view of attacks.

An Overall Approach

BreacHunt has a global vision of information security: cybersecurity is as important as your reputation and the protection of your assets.

360° Resources

Our strength lies as much in the expertise of our specialists as in our data hunters. Their capacity and time are optimized thanks to our tools.

Our Data Hunters

We spend a lot of time recruiting our experts and consultants within our networks. We conduct background checks to ensure their identity, reliability and reputation. They are well known to our team and are professionally and legally capable of working in a sensitive environment.

Hybrid solutions for hybrid threats.

We are convinced that 100% human or 100% technical solutions are doomed to failure against today's threats.

It is necessary to have a global capability based on the best of both approaches in order to detect attack levers and prevent informational threats.

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